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This workshop will explore different forms of policy, Nevada’s state legislative process, and the differences between advocacy and lobbying.

Building Data Capacity

This workshop will cover the value of data collection, how to store and manage data, and identify data resources.

Community Organizing

In this workshop we will review introductory concepts of community organizing through short case studies and explore tools to apply organizing methodologies to your daily practice. 

Grant Administration

In this introductory level workshop, interested community agencies will learn the basics of successfully searching, applying, and managing grants.

Grant Writing

This workshop will provide an overview of best practices for grant writing, geared specifically for non-profit organizations.

Health Communication

Health communication is the practice of sharing effective, accurate, and actionable information with the community to empower well-informed health choices.

Program Evaluation

This workshop will provide a practical, skills-focused introduction to the different types of evaluation, concepts and techniques, equity-based approaches, and best practices of program evaluation.

Strategic Planning

This workshop will provide an overview of the value of strategic planning and components of the strategic planning process so attendees leave prepared to develop and implement their own strategic plans in the future.

Survey Development

In this workshop, participants can expect to learn the basics of how to design an effective survey that is clear, engaging, and asks useful questions that avoid unintentional bias.

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is a holistic approach that examines the relationships or connections between various factors in a system, which can help reveal the underlying causes of a problem.

Technical Report Writing

Technical reports provide an in-depth description of the process, progress, or results of a project or program.