Program Evaluation

Workshop Description:

Program evaluation is the formal assessment of a program or policy’s value and impact within a community, and it is becoming increasingly necessary for community-serving organizations to carry out this skill as the demand for rigorous evaluation rises. This workshop will provide a practical, skills-focused introduction to the different types of evaluation, concepts and techniques, equity-based approaches, and best practices of program evaluation. Participants can expect to learn the fundamental skills needed to participate in the evaluation of a new or existing program or policy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify key concepts of evaluation with application to public health programs and policy
  2. Select an appropriate evaluation methodology for a given purpose
  3. Understand the strengths and limitations of various data collection methods
  4. Describe how to monitor program evaluations with fidelity
  5. Apply an equity-focused lens to evaluation activities in community settings

Featured Speakers:

Tim Grigsby, PhD

Assistant Professor
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Dr. Tim Grigsby is an Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Health in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health. He completed his PhD in Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research) from the University of Southern California in 2016. His primary research interests are on the health effects of childhood trauma, the conceptualization, measurement, screening, and prevention of substance misuse, and identifying sources of health disparities in Hispanic/Latinx communities. His secondary interests are in the dissemination of novel research and analytic methods in public health research.

Dr. Grigsby’s primary research interest focuses on the conceptualization, measurement, and prevention of substance misuse. His work explores the role of family- and community-based trauma exposure as risk factors for substance use, misuse, and related health outcomes in minority populations. Specifically, his work has identified adverse childhood experiences and perceived discrimination as important risk-factors of substance use, violence, and adverse health outcomes in minority populations.

Vince Collins

Executive Director
Together As One Nevada

Vince E. Collins, Founder/Executive Director of Together as One Nevada (TAON) 501c3, an Artist-N-Action organization, has over twenty years of Human Services and Fine Arts experience in the non-profit sectors.

Mr. Collins is tasked with the onboarding and the implementation of the newly formed human rights and advocacy organization, Together as One Nevada: (TAON) officially established as a nonprofit through the Nevada office of the Secretary of State on January 31st, 2022.

Mr. Collins has held positions in various organizations in Nevada and across the United States, i.e., Director of Operations, Director of Community Wellness, HIV Services/Integrated Testing Clinic Manager, Lead Case Manager, and Community Outreach Coordinator. Mr. Collins has led various programming for at-risk youth services, health education, LGBTQ+ rights advocacy, HIV prevention, substance use and prevention, and spearheading company diversity, equality, and inclusion planning. Additionally, Mr. Collins currently works under contract with various organizations in the greater Las Vegas, NV area and nationally, both in public health, and arts exposure programs. He also serves on various boards, including Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition, CARE Coalition, and was appointed and commissioned by Governor Steve Sisolak to the Advisory Task Force on HIV Exposure Modernization for the State of Nevada.

Mr. Collins is Co-owner/Founder of Black Queer Men of Las Vegas (BQMLV.COM) whose mission is to empower same-gender-loving Black men to create community within a safe space that enables authentic self-realization. “Our mission in action is through arts and culture, advocacy, education, health/wellness promotion, and social support. Black UNITY for OUR Community!”

Mr. Collins enjoyed a long career as an elite level classical ballet dancer touring the world. He enjoys teaching and coaching young dancers and providing elite level training for underserved communities.