Health matters! Navigating the healthcare system can be intimidating, challenging, and frustrating. The good news is you have the power to advocate for yourself to receive the care and resources you need and to protect your health. Here you will find several tools and resources that can guide you on your journey in becoming your own health advocate because your health matters!

What is Health Advocacy?

Health advocacy is vouching for your health and health care needs when navigating the healthcare system, so that you can ensure that you receive care that meets your needs and preferences. You can advocate for your health by voicing your concerns, asking questions, expressing your needs and preferences, and making all health decisions with your health care provider (1, 2). Being your own health advocate empowers you to better navigate the healthcare system, collaborate with your healthcare provider in making health decisions, and advocate for your rights and needs as a patient (3). Get the most out of your healthcare by becoming your own health advocate!

Ways to Be Your Own Health Advocate

You can be your own best health advocate in accessing and navigating the healthcare system .

Advocate for your Community

Get involved in advocacy by helping to advocate for your community to change policies and practices at the state, local, and federal levels.

What is Misinformation?

Misinformation is generally presented as information that is factual and true but provided outside of its original context.

Resource Directory

This directory offers a list of safety net resources for individuals who may need them. It also provides an opportunity for organizations to connect their clients with other resources. Click on any topic below to find out what is available in Nevada.

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