The Nevada Minority Health & Equity Coalition (NMHEC) is a partnership of academic, civic, private and community organizations that aim to address health disparities and inequities in Nevada by building capacity, informing policy, and conducting research.


The Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition will be hosting a series of workshops from June 2022 to March 2023 on a variety of topics that aim to build capacity to address health disparities in Nevada.


Here you will find several tools and resources that can guide you on your journey in becoming your own health advocate because your health matters!


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Strategic Planning in A Rapidly Changing World


Author Lewis Carroll once shared, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” The same applies to organizations without a strategic direction or plan. Regardless of your organization’s size, every organization benefits from setting some directional compass points to help you reach your end goal. This workshop will provide an overview of the value of strategic planning and components of the strategic planning process so attendees leave prepared to develop and implement their own strategic plans in the future.


Survey Development Workshop


Surveys are a great tool to gather information about a community or a specific topic of interest. Good surveys that deliver credible and meaningful results take time and careful planning to design because the questions need to be asked in a way that will accurately measure the opinions, experiences, and behaviors of the community. In this workshop, participants can expect to learn the basics of how to design an effective survey that is clear, engaging, and asks useful questions that avoid unintentional bias.


Use Your Voice: Advocate to Change Your Community


Advocacy can amplify a community’s voice in an effort to increase health equity. This workshop will explore different forms of policy, Nevada’s state legislative process, and the differences between advocacy and lobbying. Workshop attendees will learn how to communicate ideas and concerns to policymakers, as well as ways to engage with them. Additionally, this workshop will build on participants’ experiences to find what will work best to mobilize change within their networks.


How to Write a Technical Report


Technical reports provide an in-depth description of the process, progress, or results of a project or program. Technical report writing is often a requirement at the end of a project or for grant writing. It is a skill that is used to clearly communicate a possible solution to a problem, recommend action, or aid decision making. This workshop will cover the unique skill and art of conveying research information in a clear, concise, effective, and objective manner.



✨REGISTER NOW✨ A strategic plan sets a direction for an organization to reach its goals. This workshop will provide an overview of strategic planning, including its value, components, and process. Register now for the Strategic Planning workshop at https://lnkd.in/g96nzYab

✨Register now - NMHEC's Survey Development workshop✨ Learn the basics of designing effective surveys that ask useful questions! Attend and complete post-survey for a FREE copy of "Designing Quality Survey Questions" by Kimberly Firth! Register at https://lnkd.in/g96nzYab

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