Technical Report Writing

Workshop Description:

Technical reports provide an in-depth description of the process, progress, or results of a project or program. Technical report writing is often a requirement at the end of a project or for grant writing. It is a skill that is used to clearly communicate a possible solution to a problem, recommend action, or aid decision making. This workshop will cover the unique skill and art of conveying research information clearly, concisely, effectively, and objectively.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate how technical reports can be used to communicate efficiently and effectively
  2. Describe the standard structure of a technical report
  3. Describe the style that should be used when writing a technical report
  4. Outline best practices for report presentation

Featured Speakers:

Jennifer Pharr, PhD

Associate Professor
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Dr. Pharr is an Associate Professor of Public Health at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. She is currently teaching the Technical and Scientific Writing course in the graduate program and has presented tips and tools for becoming an effective writer for a variety of audiences.