Partnership Description and Application

NMHEC Partners serve as critical community champions to address health inequities in our state. Partners include individuals as well as academic, civic, private, and community organizations that serve Nevada’s large and uniquely diverse populations. Individuals and organizations in Nevada are encouraged to apply to serve as Partners. A full description of the Partnership is included below. There is no cost to become a partner.

NMHEC Partners

As a Partner

  1. Have a health, social services, and/or community development-oriented mission; with a prior, positive working relationship with NMHEC staff and board members
  2. Be embedded in (e.g., through service provision), well respected by, and/or involve staff from the communities in which they work
  3. Have a history of working on projects and/or activities that emphasize prevention, family and community health issues, addressing social determinants of health, promoting health equity, and/or enhancing community capacity building
Benefits of being an NMHEC Partner
  1. Organization listing on the resource list of the NMHEC webpage
  2. Technical Assistance (grant applications, where to find data, evaluation support/CBPR, fact sheets/social media resources)
  3. Organizational announcements sent to NMHEC distribution list
  4. NMHEC advisory board support for grant proposals and letters of support
  5. Connection to individuals and organizations that can support your work
  6. Opportunities to collaborate on presentations at local and/or national meetings, co-authorship on publications, or other similar activities
  7. Prioritization in funding opportunities if expertise aligns and funding is available
Responsibilities as an NMHEC Partner
  1. Complete onboarding orientation
  2. Take CBPR training
  3. Participate in at least one NMHEC workgroup
  4. Participate in activities (e.g., panelist on a webinar, tabling at an event, presentations at national meetings, co-authorship on publications)
  5. Disseminate NMHEC information to your membership/community