Mental and Behavioral Health Campaign

NMHEC is leading the development of a mental and behavioral health resilience toolkit to reduce stigma and empower minority communities to access mental and behavioral health resources, specifically Latinx and Black/African American populations. Using a community based participatory approach, we worked with media firms that have expertise with the two target populations in addition to consulting with stakeholders and community members around the state of Nevada. The resulting toolkit will include a variety of media materials that can be used to prioritize mental wellness. It is expected that this media campaign will extend to other communities in the near future.

Toolkit for Mental Health Awareness

Specialists in communication developed the messages contained in this toolkit. However, in order to get these messages to the community, the involvement of community influencers, such as you and your organization, is essential. While the most important audience is 17-30-year-olds, other age groups are also susceptible to emotional and mental health conditions. Download our toolkits below.