Eddy House

Ryan Sexton
Title: Senior Director of Programs and Services
Email: ryan@eddyhouse.org
Phone Number: (775) 384-1129
Website: https://eddyhouse.org/

Program Description: Eddy House is the central intake and assessment facility in Northern Nevada for homeless and at-risk youth ages 18-24. The objective of the Eddy House is to end youth homelessness in Reno, Nevada. To accomplish this, we identify homeless, at-risk, and aged-out foster youth through extensive outreach in Downtown Reno and provide resources and skill building to develop sustainable independence.
Outreach: “Meet them where they are at” is a motto that we use throughout our organization, but in outreach this is our core philosophy. Our outreach team goes throughout our community to meet potential clients and others experiencing homelessness in order to ensure that our community is aware of our services and to distribute essential items such as water, blankets, and food.
Drop-In Center & Emergency Shelter: Eddy House’s Drop-In Center is a safe place where young people can begin to form bonds with caring staff while gaining access to essential resources for their overall well-being. The primary goal of the program is to get homeless youth into safe and permanent housing. Services include basic necessities such as safe overnight shelter, showers, laundry, food, clothing, personal care items, lockers, and computers.
Community Living Program: Once the immediate needs of our clients are met through our Drop-In Center and Emergency Shelter, youths are invited to apply to our residential programs. Starting with our 6-month Community Living program, residents are provided a stable, sober living environment where they have access to a kitchen, food storage, individual bed spaces with storage, and on-site laundry services. During this period, CL residents establish bank accounts, health insurance, career or educational goals, and other life plans.
Transitional Living Program: Once clients have graduated from our CL program, they are invited to apply to join our Transitional Living program, which is an off-campus independent, low-cost housing. This final step in our programs allows clients to save money, increase their independence, and improve their community relationships.

Services Offered: Shelter
Pantry Bags
Computer access
Case Management
Life Skills Development
Workforce Development
Resource referrals

Target Populations: Young Adults, Adults, LGBTQ+, Disabled, African American Populations, Hispanic/Latinx Populations, Asian Populations, Pacific Islander Populations, Native American Populations, Low Income, Immigrants, Refugees, Undocumented, Other, Youth 18-24

Research/Focal Areas: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Education, Employment, Family Health, Food, Homelessness, Housing, Mental Health, Poverty, Prevention, Refugees, Substance Abuse/Misuse, Suicide, Transportation, Violence and Trauma,