Centros Hispanos Este

Lorrie Curriden
Title: Coordinator — Centros Hispanos East
Email: lorriecurriden@gmail.com
Phone Number: (702) 813-9832

Program Description: Our mission is to assist our Latin American brothers and sisters improve their lives in any way that is needed.

Services Offered: We teach classes in English, Employment, Personal Finance, Emotional Resilience, and Pathway to Legal Status. Our Community Resources specialist works with students one on one to connect them to available assistance in the area. We also provide individual tutoring for CCSD students.

Target Populations: Children, School Aged-Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Seniors, Hispanic/Latinx Populations, Low Income, Immigrants, Refugees, Undocumented,

Research/Focal Areas: Community Organizing, Employment, Housing, Mutual Aid, Refugees, Other, ESL