Andrea Gregg

CEO | High Sierra AHEC

Andrea Gregg is the Chief Executive Officer of High Sierra AHEC and holds a Bachelors of Science Degree with a major in Community Health Sciences and a Nonprofit Management Certificate. Andrea has over thirteen years of executive nonprofit management and provides leadership and administration to all fiscal and operational strategies to ensure the integrity, vitality, and sustainability of the organization.  Andrea has experience in organizational development, collective impact, program development and project management.  Andrea is passionate about convening conventional partners in unconventional ways and strives to eliminate duplication and silos through cross sector collaborative approaches.  She believes that impact is only greater when working together for the common good of our communities health and wellbeing.  Andrea brings a unique blend of public health work with healthcare workforce development experiences and aims to improve the long term efficiency and sustainability of the state’s workforce development ecosystem.  Her agency’s initiatives include innovative and equitable programs that target all stages of the workforce development pipeline with intention and focus to support health equity, workforce diversity,  culturally competent health care practices and distribution of healthcare providers to our area’s most vulnerable communities and populations.  Andrea is passionate about  early career exposure within k-12 educational systems and infrastructure to advance workforce equity and addressing social determinants of health. Fun fact, Andrea began her journey with High Sierra AHEC in 2008 as a program coordinator and spent many years developing the pipeline programs still being implemented today and reaching thousands of participants statewide.  Recognized for a high motivation level, the ability to promote and exemplify leadership, and for making significant contributions within the community, Andrea looks forward to many more years scaling up an organization whose mission and workplace culture she deeply values. Andrea is an avid “burn and turn” kind-of-a gal!  She loves snowboarding, paddle boarding, spinning, and functional intense training (just to name a few). In her free time, she loves rummaging, cooking, and spending time with her most prized possessions; Anthony (husband), Hudson, and Hadley.  As a family they live for adventure, love the outdoors, and value life’s lessons along the way.