A+J Patient Advocacy

Rebeka Acosta
Title: Executive Director
Email: info@heart4advocacy.com
Phone Number: (702) 518-3801
Website: https://heart4advocacy.com

Program Description: A+J Patient Advocacy is the heart of the medical home for children, teens, and young adults living with chronic illness. We serve the Southern Nevada area and also provide virtual consultations across the United States.

We believe that every person should receive appropriate and timely healthcare, regardless of geography, income, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ability, diagnosis, or complexity of condition. Health advocacy and health education services should remain accessible, equitable, and free for all patients and their families. Our work is not done until you thrive.

Services Offered: A patient advocate is a licensed professional who can help you navigate the healthcare system. You don’t know what you don’t know, and working with an advocate can increase patient safety and reduce stress. Professional advocates are trained to guide and support you, while removing emotion from important decisions. In a nutshell, advocates fill the gaps that are ever-present in today’s healthcare system.

A+J Patient Advocacy works with individuals living with chronic illness (congenital conditions, lifelong diagnoses, etc.) and their families. Siblings, spouses/partners, parents/guardians, and extended family members are always welcomed and encouraged to participate.

If you are…overwhelmed trying to manage medical appointments and records; need help communicating with your care team; drowning in information about a diagnosis and just need a place to start; not being heard by your medical team; the parent of a teen who is resistant to managing their care; transitioning off your parent’s insurance and not sure what to do…

You’ve come to the right place!

Our advocate will 1) listen, 2) learn about your needs, and 3) create a plan to help you thrive. All services are fully customized to the unique needs of the patient and their family.

Target Populations: Children, School Aged-Children, Teens, Young Adults, LGBTQ+, Disabled, African American Populations, Hispanic/Latinx Populations, Asian Populations, Pacific Islander Populations, Native American Populations, Low Income, Immigrants, Refugees, Undocumented,

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