COVID-19 Test Sites


  • UNLV (Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV 89154)

    • Tuesday – Saturday: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

    • Appointment Required – schedule at or call (702) 383-2619.

    • Free


    • CVS: 

      • You must have symptoms due to a lack of available test kits. You have to answer the questionnaire online before they give you available locations to schedule an appointment. 

      • Appointment required

      • Insurance and proof of identity are required: If you do not have insurance we will ask you for Social Security number (card not needed), driver’s license or state ID so that we can submit the cost of your test to the federal program for the uninsured. 

    NMHEC COVID-19 Resource List

    *Disclaimer:  This list has been compiled from various sources that have been shared with the Nevada Minority Health & Equity Coalition.

    1.  UNLV School of Public Health seminar: Responding to Coronavirus (COVID – 19) – On March 10, 2020, the UNLV School of Public Health held a seminar on “Responding to the Coronavirus Covid-19 Epidemic: Lessons Learned from SARS and a Look to the Future.” Speakers included Dr. Brian Labus (Assistant Professor of Epidemiology) and Dr. Francisco S. Sy (Professor and Chair of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health).

    As infectious disease epidemiologists, both Dr. Sy and Dr. Labus were involved in the response to the SARS outbreak in 2003 at the national and local level. Dr. Sy was a member of the CDC SARS Outbreak Investigation Team and Dr. Labus was the epidemiologist at Southern Nevada Health District. They will discuss the epidemiology and prevention of Covid-19 and other Coronaviruses with emphasis on the lessons learned from the SARS epidemic.

    * Please note that this seminar was held on March 10, 2020. Recommendations and guidance on these issues change frequently, and up to date information can be found on credible websites such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization and Southern Nevada Health District. 

    Learn more about our school at

    1.  The State of Nevada’s website has the most useful and accurate information that is updated in real time. You can find the website and subscribe to receive email updates here:
    2. Clark County’s website also has very good information. You can find it here:
    3. The latest food distribution sites for the Clark County School District can be found here:
    4. The Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) is the go-to site for what to do if you feel sick and for general tips about avoiding exposure: Also, the SNHD telephone number for questions is 702-759-INFO. Hours are from 7am to 7pm.

    1. The American Public Health Association’s (APHA) goal is to offer accurate, timely and helpful information to the public health community and the general public, during this time they have provided helpful sources, including: 
    1. Guidance for preparing workplaces: the Department of Labor released practical guidance for how to prepare workplaces for COVID-19. This guidance will help to educate workers and employers about the COVID-19 outbreak. The guidance can be found here.
    2. Three Square has greatly amplified their emergency food distribution network in Clark County. More info here:
    3. The Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth’s (NPHY) leadership has been working hard to ensure the safety of their youth and staff at this time. Limited Drop- In Center access is still available to focus on urgent basic needs. The Nevada Health Center Van will still be parked outside NPHY’s Drop-In Center every Friday, more information can be found at 
    4. Small businesses can apply for disaster loans from the federal government. More info here:
    5. In the midst of all of this, please don’t forget to fill out the census so that Nevada gets its fair share of federal dollars:
    6. Center for Disease Control :
    7. World Health Organization :
    8. Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada:
    1.  Education in the time of CoronaVirus:  School, Health, Race, Social Services, and Building a More Connected Humanity in an Era of Social Distancing Webinar, March 19, 1PM PST
    2.  Some medical experts believe that smoking and vaping can make you more vulnerable to COVID-19.  Please consider this webinar on smoking:  

    Health Disparities Partners Webinar, FRIDAY, MARCH 20th    2:00 – 3:00pm ET

    The U.S. Surgeon General VADM Jerome M. Adams and CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health invites you to a briefing on the recently released report titled “Smoking Cessation: A Report of the Surgeon General.” Dr. Adams is calling on many partners, including those that address health disparities, to take action to help reduce the staggering human and financial toll that tobacco use takes on our country. Your organization has a key role in these efforts.

    1. The NonProfit Times Webinar on COVID-19 & Nonprofit Response: Health, Fundraising, and Risk Assessment, March 19, 11AM-12PM PST
    2.  Voices For Healthy Kids COVID-19 Resource List

    The CDC recommends the best steps to protect yourself: 

    1. Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, especially after being in a public place, or after sneezing or coughing. 
    2. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose. 
    3. Avoid close contact with those who are sick and put distance between yourself and other people of your community. 

    The best steps to protect others:

    1. Stay home if you are sick, except to get medical care. Learn what to do if you are sick.
    2. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow. 
    3. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces several times a day. 
    1.  SELF CARE TIPS:  UNLV School of Medicine

    Please see the below message from Dr. Anne Weisman and Krista Darnold 

    BREATHE: Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes or find a soft gaze on the floor. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you breathe in through your nose think of the word “soft” and as you exhale, think of the word “belly.” As you continue to breathe this way, notice your abdomen and notice it feeling soft and relaxed. When we breathe this way, our Vagus nerve is taking us out of fight or flight and back into the present moment. Continue to breathe this way and if thoughts come, let them come and return back to the words “soft” and “belly.”

    SLEEP: Please utilize these days to practice self-care. Get your 7-9 hours of sleep and feel proud about hitting that benchmark. Guess what sleep does for your immunity?

    JOURNAL: Write for a few minutes. Some prompts include: Write 3 things you are grateful for; Write a dialogue with a symptom, issue or concern. Use this prompt as if you were writing a script and think of what comes up for you and then ask it a question. Write freely for 5-7 minutes. 

    KEEP MOVING: You can still go outside for a walk. Go for lots of walks outside. Here is what walking does for your immune system? Guess what nature does for your immune system? Each of us will be dealing with this new (temporary) level of stress. Moving keeps your immunity up and the sunshine is great for Vitamin D. Many exercise streaming services are currently offering free access too such as Daily Burn, Les Mills, and PVolve.

    GET THINGS DONE: Clean out a closet, your cabinets or your car. You can even set items aside to donate later.

    LEARN: There’s always things to review for med school of course, but we’re talking about learning something new! Watch instructional videos on cooking, baking, gardening, playing a musical instrument, writing a screenplay, or any topic you’ve always wondered about.

    PAMPER: Do a face mask, meditate, stretch, or nap! 

    CRAFT: Paint, draw, doodle, color, scrapbook – it’s all mindful and meditative in nature.

    CONNECT: FaceTime, phone, text your family and friends. Write a letter to an elder or a soldier. Set up Zoom, Skype or FaceTime chats and learn more about our school, student life, or just connect with your classmates on things you have in common!

    LAUGH: Try to find something that lightens your day whether it’s a movie, TV show, meme, or cat video! Laughter is the best medicine. 

    PLAY WITH YOUR PETS: Think about how happy your pets are that you are home. Play with them and enjoy the love they always give you.