Identify organizations you can support

Many organizations that serve our communities’ most vulnerable populations are struggling right now; consider donating time, food, clothing, other items, and/or money to a local charity or organization.

Share the campaign on social media

Visit the NMHEC Facebook page and help share the #OneCommunity campaign and COVID-19 information with your friends, family members, and colleagues.

Share your story through a testimonial

This is an extraordinary time – and we need your voice to tell the story.

Over the past months, you’ve been taking action to protect your community, by helping your neighbours, keeping a positive spirit, taking care of your loved ones, and much much more.

Whether you’re sheltering at home, working in the medical or public health field, homeschooling your kids, or adapting your business to the times, we want to hear from you. We want you to tell your story. Please spare a few minutes to share what you are going through in a short text, photo, or video.

We believe that your story, your resourcefulness, your resilience, will help connect us while we are apart and continuing to act as #OneCommunity as we weather this pandemic!

How to participate

If you’d like to share your story, click the share your story button below. We encourage you to share pictures and videos. Written testimonials must be under 5000 characters. Videos must stay under 2 minutes in length.

Questions to think about for your testimonial:

What would you like people to know about COVID-19, and how are you doing your part to protect others?

Would you like to share a message with people who are struggling during this time?

What do you miss most about life before the pandemic?

How do you stay safe when staying safe is hard?

How have you been impacted and what are you doing to build resilience?